Cost-Saving Solutions
for Newspapers

Producing content and ready-for-press sections at a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, West Third Group’s managed editorial solutions are a powerful tool for newspapers retooling their operations. Copy, visuals, editing, layout and project management — custom operations integrated to your publication.

Rethinking The
Agency-Client Relationship

How do you get beyond the traditional agency-client relationship — with its hourly billing and misaligned goals — to something that really functions like a partnership? West Third Group has the answer, and it’s saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars while delivering superior results.

Public-Sector Branding:
It’s Not What You Think

Too often, branding gets associated with a tagline, new visual treatments or a plan that just sits on a shelf after it’s finalized. But for government agencies genuinely committed to service and willing to embrace new tools, branding can be transfomative. And it all starts with one question. . . can you commit?

Managed Editorial Solutions

Boost profitability

Fixed-rate, “utility model” pricing means newspapers and corporate publishers can dramatically lower costs in real time while putting out a high-quality product.


Retool to excel

For businesses in transition or those that want greater marketing ROI, West Third Group offers a range of strategic analysis, planning and re-engineering solutions.

Marketing Support

The high-value option

West Third Group’s strategic marketing engagements lower internal costs for clients and deliver flexible staffing that boosts results and strengthens the bottom line.

Social and Traditional Media

Perfect your voice

Ink and airtime increasingly give way to tweets and online conversation. But storytelling and knowing who to reach — West Third Group’s strengths — are still key.

Public-Sector Communications

Engaged, informed publics

For more than 20 years, West Third Group has helped communicate policy issues. For public support, behavior change or preparedness, we’ve got tools and knowledge to help.